Portrait, 2021-23 Personal, 2021-22 Family Portraits, 2020-21 Editorial/Commission Zurnal Zine - Series/Video, 2022

Cy Klock is a photographer and artist based in Paris. They work across portraiture, fashion, documentary, and non-/ fictional personal projects. Their work is centered around questions of identity and queerness, futurity, and collectivity.

Select Publications and Clients:

Zurnal Zine, 032C, Heroine Magazine, I-D UK, I-D Germany, Eight Visits (Self-Published Zine, Antenne Books), Gaze Contemporary

Rimowa, IOANNES, HAU Berlin, Justine Clenquet, Tinder, Nike, Ruter, Modest Dept.


The Standard Project, The time spent in the grass could never be enough / talking to a stone ear, Photo Book Cafe London, in collaboration with Leo de Saint Save, NEU WORKSHOP, curated by Lilian Mikorey, 2024

Queer Looks, Pöge-Haus Leipzig, 2023

Wir müssen noch DVDs abgeben (Photographic Series and Videoinstallation This is Not a Fairytale, Video collaborative work with Anna Zrenner and Jojo Pistorius), Zentrale, Berlin

M'AMA NON M'AMA , exhibition by artist Hannah Rettl, including collaborative work with Anna Zrenner and Hannah Rettl, Studio Hannibal, Berlin 2022

Cy is also part of the collective project Queer Analog Darkroom, formerly at Oyoun Berlin.

Please get in touch for any requests and a commercial portfolio.

Email: cy@cyklock.com